Friday, November 2, 2007


Kwon,Sina is my favorite Korean illustrator, and she has been woked on lots of cover designs of famous Korean writers' books.
Most of her drawings seem to be based on fairy tales or fantasy stories, and there are lots of imaginations from her artworks. I like her drawing style and her way to use colors on the pictures. You will experience her fantasic world of art if you go to this site!!


i like this painting because it gives a cool look because of the blue.
It will be good to display in summer

I think james rosenquist is great. the first time i saw a painting of his, it was really big and i thought it was a print, but when i looked closely, i saw that it was paint. i think he's one of the best pop artist and the most gifted in technique.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

artist blog

i like this painting of susan carlin's because it has bright colors, it has grass, the city and a person in it. its pretty.

Interesting Site

My favorite artist is Marc Chagall, and this site is for his all works at Weinstein Gallery. The reason why I selected this site is that I can see all the images at one time first and I can see all the titles and dates so easily. You should go also and enjoy Chagall's wonderful works here.


Intersting Site!~ Check it Out~!

You can see a lot of different people's face drawing in his site.
Also you can enjoy to watching his sketchbook and portfolio~!

By Julie Park

Artist profile/blog that i like

The Covered Wagon

Thomas Hart Benton

Title: Covered Wagon

Date: 1944

I like this piece of art work because it emphasizes the aspects of traveling on a long journey. Fatigue can be seen in the animals and as well as in the people's expressions and figures, as they walk slighty hunched over next to the wagon. The light sky contrasts the darkened cloud towering above them perhaps symbolizing that the worst part of this expedition is over.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Artist Blog

The artist drawing is called The Boy from the sun. I thought this drawing was particularly interesting because the artist created a more realistic scene above the trees but as you work down the drawing he begins to get more creative and imaginative. Also the drawing was very colorful and interesting, it caught my eye.

Interesting Artist

I was doing a project for another class, when I found this website for the artist/poet, Jennifer Kathleen Phillips. Her work is very unique and I love the way she mixes and blends different images together to create an interesting picture.

Also, if you are interested, check out her poetry (that is what I was originally researching)--it is very interesting, and it is not poetry like you would think; it is very visual and creates some interesting images.

Artist Blog

The artist blog is called Cultivated By Design, I thought this blog was particularly interesting because the artist was not just interested in a single artform or media, but all of them. Also the blog was very colorful and interesting, it caught my eye.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I like how he illustrates the drawing. Also, I think he draws drawings that are easy to catch the point even for common people. The art pieces looked like cartoons, and most of them were comical. I found them very interesting.

I like the way he uses colors, and I saw many interesting art pieces. Not only drawings, but also sculptures were interesting.