Thursday, November 6, 2008

image and text

i think there is a lot of ways that image and text connect to each other. in the hand out it explained that by having one image, people could think alot of different things in their heads. the hand out used apple, but another example would be an orange. some one might thank the color. someone else might think the fruit. someone else might think the juice. someone else might even think "orange county" or whatever is brought to their head. just plain text can be boring, but when images are put with it, it becomes a lot more interesting. text and image have a lot in common.

Image and Text

The first relationship between image and text is called juxtaposition which is putting text on the bottom of a simple image that will put new meaning to the image. The second is a single-panel comic which is combining text and image to create an effect; funny or serious. The third is using text to tell a story of the image. The forth is using text to translate the image.

Image & Text

so basically what the reading was about is that if you take a symbol there can be many one work meanings to it. Just like the example of the apple and it had all those different meanings. the different kind of text you use can also effect the outcome of the picture. pictures can also have many meanings too. the text and images need to go together so it will make more sense. text and images are really important and they need to go together.

Image and Text

There are a few different kinds of relationships between word and text. One relationship is one picture, let's say a pair of sunglasses, and three different words describing the same picture but having different meanings. One word to describe them could be sunshine and two others could be fashion and accessory . You can relate all of these words to a pair of sunglasses but they all have different meanings. In other cases you might not need much text, the picture could say it all. Sometimes the image and the text can translate into totally different things. The image and text combination could result in something funny or something serious. Basically, the image and text support each other.

Relationship of Text and Image

The relationship of texts and images can mean multiple things. They interact with each other in numerous ways.
Some word texts and pictures actually connect. The text by the image could actually be what the image is. Or it could be something that seems completely irrelevant but it may have a more meaningful connection.
Text and Image combination can also be used for some humorous purposes. Like a cartoon: the image shows the event or happening in the cartoon and underneath or around it can be the caption. The caption texts serve as dialogue or lines of what the characters are saying or a satirical comedic comment.
The word bubbles are used in cartoon like images to have a spot for the texts that the character is saying. The text actually being in the image can create more of an impact on the reader. It can keep them more focused or understand the text's meaning easier, because the character in the image that the word bubble belongs to, shows expression that helps the mood or tone of the whole combination together.

This is my summary of the relationship between texts and images.