Friday, April 11, 2008

My Best Creation

This logo was created for the sunset Racquet Club. I used the color scheme of orange and purple to give the feeling of a sunset. I also decided to use two contrasting fonts, for specific reasons. The font used for "Sunset" is meant to symbolize both the suns rays and racquet strings. The font used for "Racquet Club" shows what the club is, a upper class white collar place.

My Favorite Work

This is my favorite work. =) I can't really remember what the assignment was... I think it might have just been a tutorial for making a logo. Either way... it's my favorite. =)

my Fav. Work

my fav work was this one. this one was the word face picture.
there it is.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art/Design Discussion Opportunity

Friday, Aprill 11, 2008 at 7 PM
Art, Design, and Social Justice: A Philosophical Argument for Social Responsibility in Art and Design
Redeemer Offices, 1369 Broadway (between 36th and 37th), 4th Floor

Our guest speaker is Dr. Earl Tai, PhD. Columbia University, Associate Chair of Art and Design Studies at Parsons The New School for Design. A Fulbright scholar and a recipient of fellowships from Harvard University and Columbia University, Dr. Tai specializes in design and social responsibility and cross cultural design. Dr. Tai will be considering philosophical arguments regarding the role of social responsibility in design and art and the role that artists and designers can play in community transformation and development.

IAF meets on the second Friday of every month and is for everyone involved in the fine or performing arts, design, entertainment, or media.

Each gathering consists of a talk or artist presentation, and plenty of time for fellowship and networking with other artists. There is no admission fee, and no reservation is necessary.

This is Mrs. Kuder's friend, so if you need a ride to the city talk to her. She is going!

animal outline.

colorado ice hockey referee association.

my own logo. sort of.


sticky notes stuff.

horrible drawings i drew to get extra credit. just horrible

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Sticky Note!

2nd Post-It! Drawing! :D

Sticky Notes Part II

here are two more post-its for extra credit.
they're pretty much the same thing, but the top one is less complex and the bottom one is green.
also, the top one has the flowers as the main focus, while the bottom one has the cross.

well.... here it is:

5 Diffrent Fonts I Found. (EDIT)

5 Diffrent Fonts I Found.

Orange Clock: I like the orange clock font because not only does it come from the movie "a clockwork orange" but thanks to its lack of serif's it looks like pacaman.
Old Town: The classic wild west font.
Skaterdudes: I really enjoy skaterdudes because at this one place I ride there is some graffiti on the wall that looks exactly like this, the stereotypical graffiti font.
Serrated: Serrated is cool because it looks like somebody made it with a chain saw because of the serif's that represent sharp edges.
Santa Monica: Santa Monica's mild serif's make it look like a very calm, cool, and collected place to be...just like Santa Monica.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

post it drawing 2

Its a sunset made with a variation of colors with water colors. Then i created a sunset and clouds and water out of the colors with a pen and ink.

My Post-It Drawing

This is my post it art. It is more like a pattern than a picture but is mostly random.

My Best Work!

My favorite work

This is my favorite work.
I wanted to express vivid negetive and positive spaces
so, I add more on face, cloth, and arm. Therefore, they looks metalic

My Sticky Note Drawings

Extra Credit

Earth with two wings.

Emotional Playing card.

Post It Note.

yeah, i don't know what this is.


i did this for one of the assignments. i thought it was cool.

My Best Work!

This animal symbol is my best work because I like the lion's face.
When I worked on this picture, it was my first time to create a figure by illustrator.
Therefore, this lion picture is very meaningful to me.

Bestest work.

This is my best work because I throughly enjoyed doing it and i think it shows in the en product.

This is my best work because it looks amazing. I utilized the Add Anchor Point and Direct Selection tools. The color is good too, if i do say so myself.

Post-It Drawings!!!

Web comic

I like this web comic because the characters are creative. Most of animal characters are similar to the Walt Disney characters but Gary the makes great new characters.
Also, I like the explanation above the characters.

My Best Work

This is my best work so far because I like the symbols I put throughout the song. I also like how it looks old because its called "Hymn". This is one of my favorite songs and I think that the little symbols I put in the middle really help you get the song better. I also made the line "till i only dwell in thee" bigger each time. I just like how simple it is but ultimately has a bigger meaning.

My Best Work

I think the poem was my best work so far because I think that the shapes and layout of the words really illustrates the images the poem is creating.

Best Assignment So Far

This is my best assignment so far. I think that this one is my best because i didn't use just lines for the shape and texture and value, i used letters. I never thought that I can draw myself like that with a creative way to do it.