Thursday, April 3, 2008

Post-It Drawings Are Too Much Fun!

Media: Marker, pen, and highlighter on bright yellow Post-It notes.

Rams Island

This is Rams Island. I choose it because it has great detail and makes you wish you were there. Some of the little kids would even be scared of it. It is a great painting.

Cool Illustration Thing-a-ma-bobbers!

Coke Art

Hand Art

I think the coke art is pretty cool and the hand art is amazing.

Sticky Notes

Here are the sticky note drawing things for extra credit:

A.H., H.J.P., M.OD.

Amazing design and photo links.

These are a bit late but they will blow you away!

ok maybe not...but i like them a lot.
this is a good illustration because each object is seperate yet it makes one big picture

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

EC at EC!

Here is a post-it note drawing that I did in marker and pencil.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Illustration Blog

these incredible computer-art are categorized as abstract expressionism.
they are very interesting and as in the second one, you may see
things that are not there from someone else's perspective.
now they might not be considered cartoons, but these pieces of art are
computer-generated designs that really make you think about every aspect of art.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Illustation Blog

This artist shows his illustrations which are often inspired and centered around a single word.

Illustration Blogs

When I was looking for a blog to post on here I found two pretty cool ones...
This first one is a pretty chill blog that I found. The artist does his entire work on a white board. This whole blog is full of pictures of the drawings he has made on a whiteboard. I saw it and just thought it was kind of neat. These drawings aren't just simple doodles, they are the ENTIRE whiteboard. Idk. I really liked it. =)
This second one is pretty sweet too. Everything the author draws is on paper the size of sticky note! It is so sweet! Like drawings have so much detail on sucha small piece of paper. All the different sticky notes just seem pretty sweet.. and some of them are really funny. =)

i thought this picture was pretty sweet. Due to the vivid colors used, the multiple drawings withing the art piece, the sense of reality meeting the unreal.

overall i thought this picture
was prett awesome!
THis picture was less realistic though it was made up of mostly real object. i liked the shadowed copy in the background which really brings out the extravagent foreground details.

Illustration blog

Mike Shinoda, lead singer of Linkin Park is actually a really good artist. This is my favorite work by him. Is a painting, with almost cartoonish features.

Illustration Blog

I like the way this design looks. Its called "Little Planet". Its simple yet there are plenty of things going on. I like it because its cartoony but it also shows what goes on in this fake planet. Its fun to look at.