Tuesday, December 16, 2008

favorite pictureeee

I took this picture of Stefano's Scion when he first got it. I just thought it looked pretty cool.

My best photo

I love this photo, for it is a perfect example of a stop action photo. One can surely figure out that A.J is jumping for the ball. It was a perfect timing for me to take such "living" picture.

Monday, December 15, 2008


i took this picture watching the sun rise out of the plane window in florida and i thought the sun rise came out cool :)

here is a picture from my vacation in Maine
i thought it came out pretty cool.

good picture

so uh, this is a zoom of a snow-machine i took for my photobook. i think its just interesting with the light and the "snow" shooting out.

"best" photo

i guess this is one of my "best" photos i took. i really like the gradual progression of the trees as they get closer to the camera. i also thought it was an interesting point of view because the trees move from the bottom left to the right top corner.

This picture of the school shows the rule of thirds and in an odd color
This is a good picture because there is earth art
made out of sticks which creates texture for it.
This earth art actually creates a picture as well
it reminds you of Pac-Man. Plus the colors
contrast well with the greyish color sticks with
the flat green grass.

"Best" Photo

This is what I guess to be my 'best' photo. I took this without actually looking, for I was too lazy to kneel down and take a picture (due to wet ground, grass, and of course the oh so wonderful multi-pigmented presents by the beasts that inhabit the field . .). I actually just set the camera without looking at the preview cam screen and just took it. I think it turned out nicely, making it look as if the area were some sort of swamp or something, with the sand beachy area at the end and grass all around.

Favorite Picture

This is a picture I took on a vaction in Hilton Head, SC. Its taken from the outside hallways of the hotel through a large opening. I like it because of the way the winidow frames the sunset behind the dark trees

this is my best work because it was taken on a great camera and the way this picture was taken was really good. i like this picture alot because of the way the berries look


I think this "earth art" is a good picture because the pink and red colors of the leaves create a good contrast against the brown color of the earth. The shape of the heart is also nice.