Friday, March 20, 2009

Sculpture Class Entry VIII

Best Drawings January-March

The eyes are the windows to the soul
Value Study
All I could think of was an empty room.

My Favorites

The first two drawings depict two different lakes. i used gesture rather than straight lines in these two drawings. the ideas for these drawings came from art magazines.

The last drawing is a screwdriver.

Best Drawings: January - March

Drawing One: The first drawing came from the inspirational word of the week: Instinct. I immediately thought of animal instinct as a means of portraying instinct. So... after a bit of thinking, I decided to draw a pouncing Panther on the kill. I tried to use foreshortening for the pouncing effect towards the audience. I also experimented a bit with shading too.

Drawing Two: Bah, so I didn't spray my drawing after I did it and it smeared big time, I messed up trying to fix it up. This drawing came from the inspirational word of the week: Migration. I thought of butterflies, particularly the Monarch as I'm pretty sure that they migrate a bit during the fall. I didn't want to draw a Monarch but instead drew a "Hell Butterfly" from a comic/show that I read and watch. The sketch has two gates for those that are confused, with the circular gate in the background, the rectangle gate in the mid ground and the butterfly at front.



used lighting to create high contrast


done for "migration" creativity sketch


- This is a lime, that i drew randomly in drawing class. I used detail and shading.

This is a flower. I used shading and crosshatching.