Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fav. Picture

This is my favorite picture that i took beca

use i love the colors and the angle and i just think its pretty. I took it for a close up shot.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

favorite pictureeee

I took this picture of Stefano's Scion when he first got it. I just thought it looked pretty cool.

My best photo

I love this photo, for it is a perfect example of a stop action photo. One can surely figure out that A.J is jumping for the ball. It was a perfect timing for me to take such "living" picture.

Monday, December 15, 2008


i took this picture watching the sun rise out of the plane window in florida and i thought the sun rise came out cool :)

here is a picture from my vacation in Maine
i thought it came out pretty cool.

good picture

so uh, this is a zoom of a snow-machine i took for my photobook. i think its just interesting with the light and the "snow" shooting out.

"best" photo

i guess this is one of my "best" photos i took. i really like the gradual progression of the trees as they get closer to the camera. i also thought it was an interesting point of view because the trees move from the bottom left to the right top corner.

This picture of the school shows the rule of thirds and in an odd color
This is a good picture because there is earth art
made out of sticks which creates texture for it.
This earth art actually creates a picture as well
it reminds you of Pac-Man. Plus the colors
contrast well with the greyish color sticks with
the flat green grass.

"Best" Photo

This is what I guess to be my 'best' photo. I took this without actually looking, for I was too lazy to kneel down and take a picture (due to wet ground, grass, and of course the oh so wonderful multi-pigmented presents by the beasts that inhabit the field . .). I actually just set the camera without looking at the preview cam screen and just took it. I think it turned out nicely, making it look as if the area were some sort of swamp or something, with the sand beachy area at the end and grass all around.

Favorite Picture

This is a picture I took on a vaction in Hilton Head, SC. Its taken from the outside hallways of the hotel through a large opening. I like it because of the way the winidow frames the sunset behind the dark trees

this is my best work because it was taken on a great camera and the way this picture was taken was really good. i like this picture alot because of the way the berries look


I think this "earth art" is a good picture because the pink and red colors of the leaves create a good contrast against the brown color of the earth. The shape of the heart is also nice.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I think that the interesting idea behind this picture is that it was a bright sunny day when i took it, and the building looks white in any other picture i took.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Design Problem 4 Intro/Story Necessities Notes

Graphic Design
Design Problem 4 Intro Notes

- Combined pictures and texts = created story
- Dramatic scene – adds to the climax ‘action’
- Static, 1st or 3rd frame

- Rhythm-Timing
- Pacing: not too fast or too slow
- Too fast: not build up suspense
- Too slow: not enough room for main story

- Humans have natural ability to connect/draw conclusions
- Transition (link different frames)
- Closure (connect)

- The visual techniques like how dramatic, detailed, emotional etc. The characters can communicate the majority of the message.
- Gag structure, punch line, expectations, and exaggeration, extreme.

- Not only humor. Tell story, be serious; narration, adventurous.
- Comics: consecutive panels
- Suspense

- Composition of art re-enforces commentary.
- Demonstrates narrative economy + evocative art.
- Gets attention
- Narrative economy? Portraying + poking fun at realistic as well as bizarreness.

-Connection between writing + drawing
- Importance of thumbnail sketches
- Layouts: superhero type thumbnails
- Thumbnails: quick rough drawing
- Thumbnail is the first essential step for making comics.

Story Necessities
- Details
- Plot
- Background
- Characters
- Setting
- Dialogue
- Author
- Climax
- Development
- Text/Illustration
- Inspiration/Brainstorming

Your welcome.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008




man ray

click here for photograms!

Man Ray

here are some interesting works by Man Ray

Link - photogram


Ray Man

I found some interesting Rayographs and Photograms that were created either by Ray Man or by others copying his design. These are the websites that they are linked to.


here is a site with some man ray rayographs


Website for photograms:

photogram website

this is a very interesting website. it shows alot of artists that use photograms

this website shows the history of photograms and its very intresting

Thursday, November 6, 2008

image and text

i think there is a lot of ways that image and text connect to each other. in the hand out it explained that by having one image, people could think alot of different things in their heads. the hand out used apple, but another example would be an orange. some one might thank the color. someone else might think the fruit. someone else might think the juice. someone else might even think "orange county" or whatever is brought to their head. just plain text can be boring, but when images are put with it, it becomes a lot more interesting. text and image have a lot in common.

Image and Text

The first relationship between image and text is called juxtaposition which is putting text on the bottom of a simple image that will put new meaning to the image. The second is a single-panel comic which is combining text and image to create an effect; funny or serious. The third is using text to tell a story of the image. The forth is using text to translate the image.

Image & Text

so basically what the reading was about is that if you take a symbol there can be many one work meanings to it. Just like the example of the apple and it had all those different meanings. the different kind of text you use can also effect the outcome of the picture. pictures can also have many meanings too. the text and images need to go together so it will make more sense. text and images are really important and they need to go together.

Image and Text

There are a few different kinds of relationships between word and text. One relationship is one picture, let's say a pair of sunglasses, and three different words describing the same picture but having different meanings. One word to describe them could be sunshine and two others could be fashion and accessory . You can relate all of these words to a pair of sunglasses but they all have different meanings. In other cases you might not need much text, the picture could say it all. Sometimes the image and the text can translate into totally different things. The image and text combination could result in something funny or something serious. Basically, the image and text support each other.

Relationship of Text and Image

The relationship of texts and images can mean multiple things. They interact with each other in numerous ways.
Some word texts and pictures actually connect. The text by the image could actually be what the image is. Or it could be something that seems completely irrelevant but it may have a more meaningful connection.
Text and Image combination can also be used for some humorous purposes. Like a cartoon: the image shows the event or happening in the cartoon and underneath or around it can be the caption. The caption texts serve as dialogue or lines of what the characters are saying or a satirical comedic comment.
The word bubbles are used in cartoon like images to have a spot for the texts that the character is saying. The text actually being in the image can create more of an impact on the reader. It can keep them more focused or understand the text's meaning easier, because the character in the image that the word bubble belongs to, shows expression that helps the mood or tone of the whole combination together.

This is my summary of the relationship between texts and images.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Visual Theme

I chose the quiznos website because they have a good visual themed website. The three main colors are distributed throughout the page and the logo appears a lot.
they have good sandwiches too =]

Visual Themes
this website has many visual themes. most of the site is red and yellow which is mcdonalds theme colors.

Visual Themes
^both of these sites include different themes for your computer,-1,-1
^the colors of this site are the burger king colors along with the bk theme

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

visual sketch

I picked the gateway symbol because i like how the word is a color but the symbol above is just black and white. it looks cool how it almost looks like a cow and is in the shape of a cube.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Person Running

to the toilet

Car Speeding


A Ball Dropping

on a bull dog's head

Visual Themes

ice theme

paint splash theme

burger king or


Visual Themes

These are the web address of a visual themed site. Each has a constant theme that is easy on the eyes. they help hold the site together.

VIsual themes in a website
apple dot come not only has a simple and nice visual theme throughout, it also corresponds with the look of their products!
the colors are all silver and white.

Visual Theme

I think that the visual theme at its simplicity and message are what gives it theme

fedex has a good visual theme with their logo. they use the same logo font and size, but the color is changed to show different areas of their company such as: air, ground, kinkos

visual theme site

Wendys' website actually has a very strong visual theme, particularly in the color scheme. Everything on the site pretty much follows the yellow/red theme found in the logo.

this website has many themes because throughout the website the little at&t globe is found.


three in one. guy running shoots ball into movement. newspaper blows away from old man

Visual Theme

Visual Themes Thing

Couple of links to some "interesting" visual themes.

This site is called DeviantArt. It's like a site where a bunch of people submit their own artworks and stuff, make friends, and comment/collect artworks. There's all types of artworks and I searched Visual Themes in the search bar so:
No membership is require to view submissions, but I think you need to be a member to post, comment or collect. I'm a member.

Themes for computers; you can download them. Seems more like wallpapers to me but . . . oh well, I may be wrong:

This site is called Agrapha. The link leads to its porfolio page. It says you will find Agrapha's 'professional' stuff. The web designs section could be seen as visual themes for web sites I guess:
It also talks about what to do in making these sort of stuff like about details, colors and etc.

This is from and this image is just the same (sort of) design and visual theme but in 4 different colors:

StudioTwentyEight's visual styles have some really cool looking ones. And they are up for download (and purchase) :

All I got.


This website has computer themes and some that may work for a book

(also iWeb for Macs has many different themes for blogs and other things)

web page with visual themes

Target has wonderful visual themes. the symbol is consistent throughout every page and the white and red colors are abundant throughout.

Visual Theme

First Themes that visually interested me (Simple but stylistic)

Second (Lists of interesting drawings and photos)

Third (Same as the second one)

Fourth (Samples of photobooks)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Visual Themes

Check out this site with many visual themes on it by Karen Hatzigeorgiou done 2004-2008.


Here's a step-by-step "How to" entry by Bill on GoMediaZine to make graphic design in the style of comic books.