Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2nd Set of Sketches



creative sketches

this sketch was for fall because the idea started out as a slinky and went to a crashing plates

this one was my sketch for consume

this one the sketch for poise and the movement of the hair and fall of the dress make the pictures appears to have "poise"

Creative Sketches

Creative Sketch: Still Life of Cosmetics
This is a still life from an unusual point of view.

Creative Sketch: Consume
I basically thought of being "Consumed by Fire".
(And yes i know how badly cropped these drawings are. Photo shop chose not to work for me this time.)

Sketchbook Assignments

Our assignment was to take three related objects
and put them in an environment

Unusual perspective of a lamp. I laid on the ground and
looked up at a lamp hanging off the edge of a nightstand.

I drew a little girl holding the hands of her parents
with "DNA" as her arms, legs, and hair.

I couldn't get this image of an old man with a
scraggly beard out of my head. I picture him as
being either a fisherman or a farmer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sketches 5/12


"Poise Drawing"

Coach Purse I drew when I was bored.

"Mythical drawing"

"Hereditary drawing"