Friday, November 14, 2008

Design Problem 4 Intro/Story Necessities Notes

Graphic Design
Design Problem 4 Intro Notes

- Combined pictures and texts = created story
- Dramatic scene – adds to the climax ‘action’
- Static, 1st or 3rd frame

- Rhythm-Timing
- Pacing: not too fast or too slow
- Too fast: not build up suspense
- Too slow: not enough room for main story

- Humans have natural ability to connect/draw conclusions
- Transition (link different frames)
- Closure (connect)

- The visual techniques like how dramatic, detailed, emotional etc. The characters can communicate the majority of the message.
- Gag structure, punch line, expectations, and exaggeration, extreme.

- Not only humor. Tell story, be serious; narration, adventurous.
- Comics: consecutive panels
- Suspense

- Composition of art re-enforces commentary.
- Demonstrates narrative economy + evocative art.
- Gets attention
- Narrative economy? Portraying + poking fun at realistic as well as bizarreness.

-Connection between writing + drawing
- Importance of thumbnail sketches
- Layouts: superhero type thumbnails
- Thumbnails: quick rough drawing
- Thumbnail is the first essential step for making comics.

Story Necessities
- Details
- Plot
- Background
- Characters
- Setting
- Dialogue
- Author
- Climax
- Development
- Text/Illustration
- Inspiration/Brainstorming

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008




man ray

click here for photograms!

Man Ray

here are some interesting works by Man Ray

Link - photogram


Ray Man

I found some interesting Rayographs and Photograms that were created either by Ray Man or by others copying his design. These are the websites that they are linked to.


here is a site with some man ray rayographs


Website for photograms:

photogram website

this is a very interesting website. it shows alot of artists that use photograms

this website shows the history of photograms and its very intresting