Thursday, February 14, 2008

Open House Flyers

All School Open House Flyer

High School Open House Flyer

K-8 Open House Flyer

5 Fonts


Sans Serif: This font uses bold faced letters to emphasize power and importance, this is a great font for headlines.


Serif: This font uses overemphasis on the serifs to make it both decorative and easy to read.

Sweetheart Script

Script: This script font is simple enough to read easily, yet it easily flows together to make it look very unified.

Kid Writing

Decorative: This font is designed to look like the writing of young children, it is a useful font for use with children.


Best Overall: This is a decorative sans-serif font that is easy to read and also eye-catching

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Font Design

This font is Serif because the letters have strokes or teardrops. I like this font design because it looks very simple but also very artistic. This font would be used to for cover page of a book or some headlines.

This font is a type of Sans Serif because all letters have same thickness. This font is used for advertising or headline because its thickness and colors are interesting enough to catch its readers’ eyes. I love this font because it looks so cute with shortness of the letters and their beautiful colors.

This font is a type of Decorative because it looks very artistic and different from normal fonts in a book. I like this font design because it personalizes each letter and makes the letters look friendly. This font would be used for cards because it looks cute and gives some funny and cheerful feelings to readers.

This font design is a type of Script. Although it looks very simple, it successfully makes letters look fun with blank space and lines of each letter. For example the first letter, T, has some blank space between its horizontal and vertical line. Also curved lines of each letter create some beauty in the letters. This letter would be used for cover page of children’s books.

This is my most favorite font design, and it is calligraphy. I love this font design because each letter has some movement and various thicknesses. I think this font design also makes letters as an individual art work.

Font Assignment

(This font is called "Bokonon." It's in the Serif category because the upper case letters have the curve at end. It is also in my opinion Decorative becuase it is like a bold pencil writing and is very "scratchy", but still legible. This font is the best in my opinion because is is both Decorative and Serif which in my opinion makes a good team for fonts.)

(This font is called "Zapped." It is called zapped because it looks like there is electricity going through it. It also have some italic in it which in my opinion doesnt look that good, but its still alright I guess. Each symbol that is in zapped font has some boldness somewhere in it and I think that is very nice and make each of them more recognizable. I would put this font into the Sans Serif category because clearly ther is no curve on either of them.)

(This font is called "Airstream." This font is in the Script category because this font is writable and common for some people. This font is simple and in my opinion it is plain and give the mood like "heres my writing and its neat and script," something along those lines. But it is a nice font.)

(This font is called "Stardust." It is definetely in the decorative category because after each symbol, there is a star. The letters in general are simple to read and plain, but with the stars, it is more impressive and outgoing.)

(This font is called Edmund. It is in the Sans Serif category because it is not fancy and has no curves. It is simple and is western in my opinion. It is like the heading of a old day western bar or hotel or something. It is also bold with a heavy stroke.)


This font is the best font I choose. It is San Serif. It is simple and metallic because of interesting negative spaces. The word harmony is not that great because of the number 4 and space between DJ and 4, the style of the font is very interesting.

This is Decorative font. It is interesting to me because three fonts are mixed. The word, “Storm” is San Serif with Serif because of the letter O. Moreover, the bottom part, “PARANORMAL INVESTICATIONS” it is San Serif with interesting negative spaces.

This font is Script because it looks like handwriting. I thought the letters are interesting because they look three dimensions, and like Serif, they have tales.

This font is Sans Serif. Unlike Serif font, Sans Serif font dose not have dips or tales. Interesting on this font is the negative spaces in the letter P, O, and R.

This font is Serif with Sans serif because “m” and “Ireland” has dips or tales. Interesting on this font is the m and I. They both are bigger than other letters in order to be empathized.


This font is called Unicode 0024. This is very futuristic as well. It looks like it is something that you would use on a computer program. It is slanted so it is much more difficult to read. This is very difficult no matter what the case.
This is called Genotype. It is very similar to Futu. This is definitely easier to read then Futu. They distinguish the "x" from the "y" unlike in Futu where it is obvious how hard it is to see. Also each of the letters are more drawn out for example the "l" has a longer bottom part than in the font Futu. I like this better than Futu.
This font is called Rosecube. This is more old fashioned looking. It looks more 3D because of the shadows behind it. This is much easier to read than Futu. There are some serifs which distinguish each letter. This is my personal favorite out of the ones i choose because it is very simple to read and understand.
This is called Futu. This font is quite futuristic in the way that the letters are shaped. It is hard to read because of the amount of roundness each letter has. You probably could get letters mixed up when using this font. It would probably used more for using big letters than for longer documents.
This is called Rock It! This is all together very easy to read because of the lack of serifs. They added some like marks on each letter to make it look like its on flyer for a band or a concert. They give it that look of roughness. I like it, its easy to read.


This font is clearly Serif because it shows the dips and tails. I like this one because it's not too complicated, but at the same time it is not too plain.

This font is Script because it is similar to someones handwriting. I like this one because although it does have the Script look, it also adds hearts for decoration.

This font is clearly Sans Serif. The letters are very plain and have no dips or tails. The only thing making this font interesting is the random scratches and lines behind each letter. Also, this font has no lowercase letters which can come in handy for different things such as headings.

This blocky font is Decorative. Each letter contrasts from another. While some letters have white backgrounds and black letters, the others are the exact oppisite.

This font is my favorite. Even though it is Sans Serif and does not show the dips and tails, it is still pretty cool. This font is pretty interesting because of the different decorations on the letters. This clearly makes up for the lack of interest in the letters themselves.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This font is a serif font because it has the serifs on the ends of the letters. I think the serifs give it an older, more rugged appearance.

This font is SF Burlington Script and I think this is a script font because the letters really flow and they look like a handwriting. I think it is successful because it is original and it looks like someone wrote it.

This font is SF Chromium 24 and it is a sans serif font because it has rounded edges. It is very futuristic and smooth looking.

This font is called SF Arch Rival and it is the best overall font because it is very simple and easy to read.

This font is SF Balloons and I think it would be classified as a decorative font because the letters are outlined in balloons. I think it would be cool for something like a kid's party invitation or something like that for younger kids.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fonts Assignment

This font is characterized as Script. This font should be categorized for ‘night’, because the shape is dreamy and luminous. It makes me to daydream. It looks very stylish. Also it seems good to be with French script.

This ‘mysterious’ font is categorized under Decorative. Shadow of the border of fonts makes it secretive and spooky. Since the edge of fonts is rounded, it looks smooth. Also the color of the fonts—stars in grey background makes the font more mysterious

This ‘Cyborg’ font is Sans Sherif. It is very futuristic. It looks good to match with something in the space. Because the edge of the font is very sharp, it seems more strong and stable. The strokes of the fonts help to recognize the script as ‘modern’.

This Korean font is under Script. It looks very obvious because the stroke and words’ color is contrast each other and rounded at the edge. Since the font is bent, it seems misty and oriental. Also it looks unstable because the edges of words are not straight and array.

This font is the best font I choose. It is characterized under Sherif. It usually uses for advertising, media, and somewhere for announcing. It is very simple and classic. But it is strongly express the meaning of the words to audience.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

S.S. Fonts post. (Fin)

This is a Sans Serif font. A Sans font is like the
Serif type, but it does not have the tales or
dips on the letters. I really liked this Sans font
because it has an edge look with out the Serifs
on the letters.

This is a Serif type font. It has multiple different
fonts all put into one font. I thought that it was
a Serif because of the dips or tales on the a, n, s,
and numerous other letters.

This is a Script font. The letters are loopy and
have many script like features about them. I
thought they were interesting because there is
a Rope like detailing which is incorporated
into the Script font.

This font can be categorized as Decorative.
Not only does it take the word snow, it places
a design upon each of the letters. This gives
the font a icy/snowy look to them.

I also put this "Claw" front into the Decorative
font category. Each of the individual letters have
there own claw-like look and feel to them. They're
all made up of the same kinda of design, which
brings the whole dercoration of the font together.