Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Font Assignment

(This font is called "Bokonon." It's in the Serif category because the upper case letters have the curve at end. It is also in my opinion Decorative becuase it is like a bold pencil writing and is very "scratchy", but still legible. This font is the best in my opinion because is is both Decorative and Serif which in my opinion makes a good team for fonts.)

(This font is called "Zapped." It is called zapped because it looks like there is electricity going through it. It also have some italic in it which in my opinion doesnt look that good, but its still alright I guess. Each symbol that is in zapped font has some boldness somewhere in it and I think that is very nice and make each of them more recognizable. I would put this font into the Sans Serif category because clearly ther is no curve on either of them.)

(This font is called "Airstream." This font is in the Script category because this font is writable and common for some people. This font is simple and in my opinion it is plain and give the mood like "heres my writing and its neat and script," something along those lines. But it is a nice font.)

(This font is called "Stardust." It is definetely in the decorative category because after each symbol, there is a star. The letters in general are simple to read and plain, but with the stars, it is more impressive and outgoing.)

(This font is called Edmund. It is in the Sans Serif category because it is not fancy and has no curves. It is simple and is western in my opinion. It is like the heading of a old day western bar or hotel or something. It is also bold with a heavy stroke.)


SLW said...

The last font has serifs. It has the little tails on the ends of the letters.

Amber Joy said...

heyy bud =)
i like your stardust font the best because of the stars. its pretty cool =)
-Amber Joy
p.s. you know you love that i sit next to you in class!