Monday, February 11, 2008

Fonts Assignment

This font is characterized as Script. This font should be categorized for ‘night’, because the shape is dreamy and luminous. It makes me to daydream. It looks very stylish. Also it seems good to be with French script.

This ‘mysterious’ font is categorized under Decorative. Shadow of the border of fonts makes it secretive and spooky. Since the edge of fonts is rounded, it looks smooth. Also the color of the fonts—stars in grey background makes the font more mysterious

This ‘Cyborg’ font is Sans Sherif. It is very futuristic. It looks good to match with something in the space. Because the edge of the font is very sharp, it seems more strong and stable. The strokes of the fonts help to recognize the script as ‘modern’.

This Korean font is under Script. It looks very obvious because the stroke and words’ color is contrast each other and rounded at the edge. Since the font is bent, it seems misty and oriental. Also it looks unstable because the edges of words are not straight and array.

This font is the best font I choose. It is characterized under Sherif. It usually uses for advertising, media, and somewhere for announcing. It is very simple and classic. But it is strongly express the meaning of the words to audience.


THEslink said...

hey there, these fonts are actually quite interesting. first off, you had very nice choices with the fonts you chose. my favorite is CYBORG, because although it is not a font you can use every day, you can use it for various terms in graphic design. awesome job! ~stefano~

samantha said...

I was really interested by the first 2 fonts. they are kind of hard to read, but they are really interesting to look at.