Sunday, February 10, 2008

S.S. Fonts post. (Fin)

This is a Sans Serif font. A Sans font is like the
Serif type, but it does not have the tales or
dips on the letters. I really liked this Sans font
because it has an edge look with out the Serifs
on the letters.

This is a Serif type font. It has multiple different
fonts all put into one font. I thought that it was
a Serif because of the dips or tales on the a, n, s,
and numerous other letters.

This is a Script font. The letters are loopy and
have many script like features about them. I
thought they were interesting because there is
a Rope like detailing which is incorporated
into the Script font.

This font can be categorized as Decorative.
Not only does it take the word snow, it places
a design upon each of the letters. This gives
the font a icy/snowy look to them.

I also put this "Claw" front into the Decorative
font category. Each of the individual letters have
there own claw-like look and feel to them. They're
all made up of the same kinda of design, which
brings the whole dercoration of the font together.



Seo-Yoon Kim said...

I like the yellow backgrounds. They gave me unity of the assignment, and it was easy to find different styles of the fonts. The Decorative font is my most interesting font because it does not looks like letters but it is.

jin said...

These are all fun and interesting fonts.
Great description.