Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Font Design

This font is Serif because the letters have strokes or teardrops. I like this font design because it looks very simple but also very artistic. This font would be used to for cover page of a book or some headlines.

This font is a type of Sans Serif because all letters have same thickness. This font is used for advertising or headline because its thickness and colors are interesting enough to catch its readers’ eyes. I love this font because it looks so cute with shortness of the letters and their beautiful colors.

This font is a type of Decorative because it looks very artistic and different from normal fonts in a book. I like this font design because it personalizes each letter and makes the letters look friendly. This font would be used for cards because it looks cute and gives some funny and cheerful feelings to readers.

This font design is a type of Script. Although it looks very simple, it successfully makes letters look fun with blank space and lines of each letter. For example the first letter, T, has some blank space between its horizontal and vertical line. Also curved lines of each letter create some beauty in the letters. This letter would be used for cover page of children’s books.

This is my most favorite font design, and it is calligraphy. I love this font design because each letter has some movement and various thicknesses. I think this font design also makes letters as an individual art work.


AuBu said...

Sieun, I like the font that have the different colors and is a type of Sans Serif. I like it because the color stand out and it looks like graffiti which is really cool. Good Job Sieun.

AJ Panzica said...

I am extremely fond of your favorite font design, the Korean calligraphy. It is very interesting in the way there are many variations in the letter/symbol thickness. the strokes take your eyes all over the page, bouncing off the colored shapes woven in between. Bravo.