Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This font is clearly Serif because it shows the dips and tails. I like this one because it's not too complicated, but at the same time it is not too plain.

This font is Script because it is similar to someones handwriting. I like this one because although it does have the Script look, it also adds hearts for decoration.

This font is clearly Sans Serif. The letters are very plain and have no dips or tails. The only thing making this font interesting is the random scratches and lines behind each letter. Also, this font has no lowercase letters which can come in handy for different things such as headings.

This blocky font is Decorative. Each letter contrasts from another. While some letters have white backgrounds and black letters, the others are the exact oppisite.

This font is my favorite. Even though it is Sans Serif and does not show the dips and tails, it is still pretty cool. This font is pretty interesting because of the different decorations on the letters. This clearly makes up for the lack of interest in the letters themselves.


Anonymous said...

these are some pretty ridiculous fonts you have here.

sieun said...

I love your first Sans Serif design. It looks so cool and romantic. Also, I like the last Sans Serif font design, your favorite one. Although it looks kind of creepy to me, I can see movement and rhythm in this font design. Good Job! and Thank you for sharing! (^-^)

Anonymous said...

i agree, trash co is the best out of the four fonts.

artiewoocakes said...

trash is cool