Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This font is called Unicode 0024. This is very futuristic as well. It looks like it is something that you would use on a computer program. It is slanted so it is much more difficult to read. This is very difficult no matter what the case.
This is called Genotype. It is very similar to Futu. This is definitely easier to read then Futu. They distinguish the "x" from the "y" unlike in Futu where it is obvious how hard it is to see. Also each of the letters are more drawn out for example the "l" has a longer bottom part than in the font Futu. I like this better than Futu.
This font is called Rosecube. This is more old fashioned looking. It looks more 3D because of the shadows behind it. This is much easier to read than Futu. There are some serifs which distinguish each letter. This is my personal favorite out of the ones i choose because it is very simple to read and understand.
This is called Futu. This font is quite futuristic in the way that the letters are shaped. It is hard to read because of the amount of roundness each letter has. You probably could get letters mixed up when using this font. It would probably used more for using big letters than for longer documents.
This is called Rock It! This is all together very easy to read because of the lack of serifs. They added some like marks on each letter to make it look like its on flyer for a band or a concert. They give it that look of roughness. I like it, its easy to read.

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SLW said...

Nice description of the fonts, but you didn't label which category each fits into.