Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 Fonts


Sans Serif: This font uses bold faced letters to emphasize power and importance, this is a great font for headlines.


Serif: This font uses overemphasis on the serifs to make it both decorative and easy to read.

Sweetheart Script

Script: This script font is simple enough to read easily, yet it easily flows together to make it look very unified.

Kid Writing

Decorative: This font is designed to look like the writing of young children, it is a useful font for use with children.


Best Overall: This is a decorative sans-serif font that is easy to read and also eye-catching


THEslink said...

Scott, these are very fun and interesting fonts. no lie. i like them alot. my favorite is actually ZOINKS. its very comical and fun looking. sincerely, your good friend, Stefano.

Seong Eun said...

I like the second one, because it is neat and easy to read as you said! Well-done. I can clearly find differences between sherif, sans sherif, decorative, and script in your post.

T3D said...

this font 'project' is much more interesting than it was last year....

Kyle said...

i think zoinks is the best. very eye catching. onetmonetpia.