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Abstract Art fit into Gods Creation though a variation of ways. One way that is the most common is that it helps to express the feeling and the emotions of and artist. It may seem odd to paint lines and random shapes. But can you think of another way to paint something that is not seem or takes a physical form. In all Abstract art does fits in God creations.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Abstract art fits into Gods world beautifully. First off, it is evidence that we are unique and creative individuals with the ability to express feelings with little to no objective images. Second off, the creative thought process of all parts of a work of art working together to make one unique creation is a beautiful reflection of the way god created the many precise aspects of the world that work together. It's really wonderful

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Abstract Art

Abstract art fits into God's creative order very well. God had to think abstractly when creating everything on the earth. He used his love for us to create something that was beautiful and abstract. There is a very relaxed version of order, design, and balance in abstract art. There is definitely an of doing things but when using the abstract technique the order is a little diluted. The design aspect combines with the feelings you are feeling at that moment. All in all, abstract art fits into God's creative order very well and includes a diluted version of order, design, and balance.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Abstract Art

How does abstract art fit into God’s creative order?

The abstract art fits into God’s creative order in a way of being in order
and balance. God created the world with His own image, and abstract artists
also make their work with imaginary thoughts. The way how they design in
order is similar to God’s creative order. He divided the world by light and
darkness, and the abstract art includes simple colors and forms. Its colors and
forms make other shapes, and they become a final painting. Therefore, both God’s
creative order and abstract art are hypothetical and theoretical.

Julie Park - abstract art

Julie Park

Abstract painting use color and form to describe feelings and impressions that often cannot be expressed in words.
Just as God spoke the universe into existence, he allows us as his creation to also have domnion over all lliving things that are created (Genesis 1:26-28). Often people describe what they see in abstract works of are as if their interpretation is the only valid one. Are work has value as a creation because man is made in the image of God, and therefore man not only can think and feel emotion, but also has the capacity to create. Are is the work of mindes and hands.

abstract art

Abstract art is from your emotions and your feelings. It is not in any rules or forms with art, because what you feel and what you think is coming out of your mind, and your mood. You can express whatever you want in any different ways. But, the abstract art does have order, design, and balance in abstraction. Even though it’s abstractive, it has its own subject and appeals. Like God has the purpose for creative, abstract art has it too. God made everything in amazing order and we try to create them in different way also, and It will become your own style. So, I think the abstract art fit into God’s creative order in pretty much same ways.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Abstract Art

Sieun Lim
Ms. Wieringa
26 November 2007

Abstract Art

Although abstract artists have their own styles of expressing their emotions and feelings, they never lose aesthetic part of their artworks. As every creature that God made has balance in shape, color, etc, between each other, there are beauties still can be founded in abstract works—even if it look very random and personal. Also, as God designed and made creatures on earth with his love and devotion, the abstract artists highly planned and worked on their visuals based on their passion and love of art. In addition, as abstract art tell how its artists feel and think while they work, we can feel and learn how God was concerned and loving us as he created natures for us. Therefore, both abstract art and the art of God have main purpose to express their creator’s spirits, love, and other emotions about the subject they make rather than show the artists’ physical skills or techniques of art.


Seo yoon Kim
Ms. Wieringa
26 November 2007

There is no rule on the art, but art always has balance or design. It is, however, hard to find balance or design in the abstract art piece. Abstract art, however, has its own way to show such things that people could find easily in the natural drawing or landscape drawing. Abstract art is mostly based on the artist’s mood or feeling. The fastest way to understand abstract art is to recognize its color, shape, or line. For an example, if the artist draws sharp lines with red color, the mood of drawing could be ‘angry’. What is the God’s creative order? God made light in the dark, and he made figures such as, human, animal, or plant. Because of figures, the shadow could be appeared and because of the shadow, the textures could be appeared. Artists drew these textures. Some artist drew the texture different way. The texture changes when the mood of artist is changed. Artists try to express their feeling on the white paper. The art pieces, therefore, are different and each of them has its own style.

Abstract art paragraph

How does abstract art fit into God’s creative order?
Abstract Art is a creative way to see and interpret things. The disfigured forms and sharp angles may not be the most realistic or physical depiction of that object or thing, but that is not the point of it. There is no exact imitation of that object and the emotion that the artist is feeling towards or about it may be shown in the artwork. This illustrates the point that abstract art does not judge outward appearances, but rather use the outward appearance as a symbol from the characteristics within, such as Willem De Kooning depiction of what he thinks of woman in his painting the Woman and the Bicycle. This is clearly not an accurate description of what a woman looks like, but it may be when it comes to how a woman is feeling or what her personality can be.

Think Paragraph

Paragraph: Think

To define the word “art” is sometimes a difficult challenge for some people. For me, my definition of art is simply anything created to expresses feelings and emotions. God gave us many ways to express our feelings and emotions such as dance, music, and art, primarily abstract art since it portrays emotions. I believe that abstract art fits into God’s creative order because it is a way for us to express the emotions and feelings that God himself created within us. Order, design, and balance in abstract artwork are created out of the artist’s emotions. Abstract art isn’t just a splatter of paint on a page; it requires the same amount of planning as any other style of art. By developing feelings and ideas, many things can be determined, the thickness of lines, color choices, shape, lights and darks, design, placement of things, etc. The overall outcome of a painting develops out the planning and expression of emotions.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

James Cho
26 November 2007

Abstract Art
God created the universe in his own creativeness. He designed our universe and every thing in order, which is to balance the universe. Abstract art is similar to God’s creative order. Artists think and create the painting. If we just look at the abstract painting of an artist, it may not look orderly. However, every abstract art has its own order, design, and balance. Artists design their painting to be in order and it becomes well balanced when the art is in order. If the artist does not design their own art, the product will be sloppy. Drawings have to be well balanced in order to look good. God’s creative order and abstract art are in same way.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Abstract art

Samantha de Waal Malefyt

Mrs. Wieringa


26 November 2007

Abstract Art

Abstract art fits into God’s creative order because it allows people to express themselves and let out what they are feeling. Abstract art creates a distinct form of expression that shows individuality and originality. Abstract art may seem random, but it has a specific design and set up that enhances the feelings that the artist is trying to get across. Many works of art that are considered abstract are carefully planned out before the artist actually begins working on the final product so that everything that the artist is trying to show is shown clearly to the viewer. Abstract are is an important part of the art world and God’s world. It creates a creative form of expressing oneself while still maintaining order and a specific design.

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The reason why I picked drawing different values is that this work is my favorite subject.
I was excited myself that I could draw differently with stippling, blending, and cross-hatching on one same scene. What I most concerned on this project is the stippling one. It took the longest
time; however it became the most unique picture. I enjoyed this project , especially this topic!

3 Different Drawing about One Social Issue.

Friday, November 9, 2007


eraser drawing(left) black background(pencil) soft feeling
pen drawing(right)
gives sharp feeling


pencil sketch

Drawing Project_ JP

I draw shoe with black pen.

Drawing Project _JP

I draw famous artist Van Gogh's flowers with color pecncils.

Drawing project _JP

I draw my face with pencil.
by Julie Park

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sketchbook Challenge

Working With Diverse Media

Water color paint and color pencil

Sharpie colored markers on a soccer ball

Sidewalk chalk on my driveway

Pencil on paper

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