Monday, November 26, 2007


Seo yoon Kim
Ms. Wieringa
26 November 2007

There is no rule on the art, but art always has balance or design. It is, however, hard to find balance or design in the abstract art piece. Abstract art, however, has its own way to show such things that people could find easily in the natural drawing or landscape drawing. Abstract art is mostly based on the artist’s mood or feeling. The fastest way to understand abstract art is to recognize its color, shape, or line. For an example, if the artist draws sharp lines with red color, the mood of drawing could be ‘angry’. What is the God’s creative order? God made light in the dark, and he made figures such as, human, animal, or plant. Because of figures, the shadow could be appeared and because of the shadow, the textures could be appeared. Artists drew these textures. Some artist drew the texture different way. The texture changes when the mood of artist is changed. Artists try to express their feeling on the white paper. The art pieces, therefore, are different and each of them has its own style.

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