Monday, November 26, 2007

Think Paragraph

Paragraph: Think

To define the word “art” is sometimes a difficult challenge for some people. For me, my definition of art is simply anything created to expresses feelings and emotions. God gave us many ways to express our feelings and emotions such as dance, music, and art, primarily abstract art since it portrays emotions. I believe that abstract art fits into God’s creative order because it is a way for us to express the emotions and feelings that God himself created within us. Order, design, and balance in abstract artwork are created out of the artist’s emotions. Abstract art isn’t just a splatter of paint on a page; it requires the same amount of planning as any other style of art. By developing feelings and ideas, many things can be determined, the thickness of lines, color choices, shape, lights and darks, design, placement of things, etc. The overall outcome of a painting develops out the planning and expression of emotions.

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