Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This font is a serif font because it has the serifs on the ends of the letters. I think the serifs give it an older, more rugged appearance.

This font is SF Burlington Script and I think this is a script font because the letters really flow and they look like a handwriting. I think it is successful because it is original and it looks like someone wrote it.

This font is SF Chromium 24 and it is a sans serif font because it has rounded edges. It is very futuristic and smooth looking.

This font is called SF Arch Rival and it is the best overall font because it is very simple and easy to read.

This font is SF Balloons and I think it would be classified as a decorative font because the letters are outlined in balloons. I think it would be cool for something like a kid's party invitation or something like that for younger kids.


Sky said...

Overall i agree with all of
your font choices, and i like
the Plain simple one the best.
its almost comic book like font.

Tom Graglia said...

I like each font. You described them very well. They all are different styles. I like the bold whiskey one the best.

jin said...

I like the fonts, they are very appealing.
I also liked the way you described them.

artiewoocakes said...

big whiskey is cool