Sunday, March 30, 2008

Illustration Blogs

When I was looking for a blog to post on here I found two pretty cool ones...
This first one is a pretty chill blog that I found. The artist does his entire work on a white board. This whole blog is full of pictures of the drawings he has made on a whiteboard. I saw it and just thought it was kind of neat. These drawings aren't just simple doodles, they are the ENTIRE whiteboard. Idk. I really liked it. =)
This second one is pretty sweet too. Everything the author draws is on paper the size of sticky note! It is so sweet! Like drawings have so much detail on sucha small piece of paper. All the different sticky notes just seem pretty sweet.. and some of them are really funny. =)


SLW said...

Awesome! Here's my post-it illustration site of interest.
Post It Art

Also, any of you could do something like either of these and post them on this site!!

AJ Panzica said...

the markerboard idea is very creative and i liked how the artist used 3 main colors but in a variety of ways and distributed well all over the board. All the illustrations are random and abstract but had a sense of unity because of the color scheme.