Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 fonts

I like this font because its symbolizes a regular friday night for me... i mean it represents something bad...=D

i like this font becaue of the 3d effect that it gives. plus its italic so it looks even cooler

i like this font because its fancy yet gothic, its a blend of the two that i never thought would be possible

starsky and hutch....need i say more?

this font is cool because it symbolizes a way of expressing yourself. its not just a "font", but something that belongs to someone personally. i dont know, its just a cool font.


samantha said...

wow, your fonts are so cool! They are all really unique and interesting to look at.

SLW said...

Nice description of the fonts, but you didn't label which category each fits into.

Kyle said...

I love these fonts, they are just great.

Kyle said...
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matt o'Donnell said...

dude...you just got shut down by SLW...you gonna take that?