Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Check Out these Illustrations!

Check out the following sites and post specific comments about what you liked best.

Y'all should check Sarah Mensinga's site out, especially the example of model sheets (we will work on this in class next.)

Here is an illustration based on a Bright Eyes has text integrated into the image (what we are working on right now.)

Here is a great example of exaggeration to really make the viewer understand the concept.

Here is a comic that gets published weekly, and sometimes less, sometimes more. It always has great content.

And for all your robot and monster needs check out Vanhoozerstudios.

Please also find your own comic/illustration blogs, and post links to them for others to see.


samantha said...

I really like the bright eyes illustration. I've never heard the song before, but after seeing the picture, I looked it up, and the illustration really goes along with the lyrics.

Tom Graglia said...

i really like the exaggerated on with the leg and shoe. i thought it was funny how the picture looked and how they exaggerated how big the leg was. it was good how they gave the shoe emotion.

Amber Joy said...

haha the "heavy" picture was great.
the poor shoe was crying because the person was so fat... when your shoe starts crying... thats when you know you need to lose some weight! ahaha! =)

on classroll it says we are supposed to answer questions on the blog, and im not sure what questions we are supposed to answer. =) but i did post a comment! so hopefully thats enough! lol

Sky said...

Well i have to agree with Tom.
I personally thought that the exaggerated one was the most interesting to me. It was creative and also funny how the artist gave the shoe a personality/emotions.

Scotti2hotti96 said...

i especially liked the illustration of the bright eyes song. it clearly shows what the song is trying to express while also including the original song lyrics.

Seong Eun said...

Like others, I like the one exaggerated. I think it combines comic and illustration. It looks very creative and cool! I think it contains sarcastic things for someone who is overly obessed~^.^ It makes audience laugh but case of me...HAHAHA....
Also I like the comics. In many small frames, I think the artist put many things in small space. It is fun...

doug.h. said...

Sarah Mensinga’s cartoon drawings are very good. My favorite one is the tattoo. It has an anime feel and it looks very futuristic.

The Bright Eyes illustration is very good. I like the color choice because it seems gloomy and the lyrics have a gloomy feel to them. The illustration flows very well.

The exaggeration illustration is HILARIOUS. The shadowing does a very good job on showing the weight and the tear coming from the shoe gives humor to the illustration.

The comic by Sarah Glidden doesn’t really make sense to me, but I like the framework and the illustrations.

The Vanhoozer illustrations are very futuristic and monster like. There are many different sketches and artworks that are good. There are many drafts as well. The artist shows many drafts of different mediums.

My favorite illustration is the Sarah Mensinga illustrations. Her drawings bring out the child in people and the tattoo is really creative and nice.

SLW said...

Why doesn't the comic by Sarah Glidden make sense?

matt o'Donnell said...

I just looked at all of the sites and they are amazing. I especially liked the picture of the tarzann who seemed to be a bit cracked out and the picture of exaggeration made me laugh.