Friday, October 12, 2007

Arrielle Dreher
12 October 2007
This famous piece of artwork is called “Waterfall”. M.C Escher did it in 1961. In the Foreground of this picture is the base of the building that has stairways, landing, and a garden filled with unusual plants. It also has doorways, windows and two people. One is hung up Landry the other relaxing against one of the walls of a balcony. In the middleground is a great waterfall that has two tall towards with geomectic shaped cubes at the top of each one. There is a water way in between each of the tower and at the end of the water way is a water fall. In the background is a cliff but is foamed so it has setps.
This artwork has a lot of texture, from the side s of the water way that look like brick to the shingles of the top of the watermill. Also the shading in “waterfall” is everywhere, you can easily tell where the sun is and how he made sure that everywere had is that needed it. Finally M.C Escher uses also of line in this pieces he has made. It helps show the texture and the small detail in his work.
There is a story behind every artwork. In this one is about another world far way in space where water is there main sourer of energy and everywhere you look you see green. Life is easy and there is hardly anyone.
I think this pieces of artwork is every successful because it is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The small details make it more creative than ever. I like this drawing because it different and make me think about it and what’s going one.

Echer, M.C. 1961 ,"Waterfall". Echer Musem. 11 october 2007


cheryl lynn said...

interesting observations, i really like how different the drawing is and how geometric everything is

cheryl lynn said...

whats your favorite part of the drawing?

arrielle said...

The waterfall is my favorit part of it and the geometric shaps at the top.