Thursday, October 11, 2007


This drawing is a red chalk drawing by the French artist, Jean-honore Fragonard, and is titled A Gathering at Woods' Edge. The fore ground of the drawing is a road with many people. The middle ground looks like a forest with many trees. In the background, seems to be a cloudy day.

The tree’s leaves give puffy texture that makes it seem like they would be soft
to touch, and the ground gives bumpy but soft impression. He gives emphasis on tree shrubs by coloring dark between the trees, which makes the shrub, improve in appearance. He uses soft short lines to shade in order to give the shrubs a volume.

This drawing looks like in a middle of a day. People are sitting and having a
pleasant time. It seems really quiet because it is in the middle of a forest. It looks like a nice road for a stroll. The artist might draw this drawing when he was having a calm day. It gives a feeling of emptiness, because the tree in the back only has branches.

This drawing gave me a soft impression when I first saw it. I like the drawing
because it gives me pleasant look and comfort. It gives country like feelings. This drawing looks successful because it immediately gives people a soft and comforting feeling.

Fragonard, Jean-honore, A Gathering at Woods’Edge. 1760-1780. The
Metropolitan Museum of Art,NY.10/10/2007 <htttp:// >.


Ashley said...

I really like this drawing and the way you explained it in your daio was very knowledgable. Can you connect this drawing to any personal experiences in your life?

skc said...

RE : It wasn't a forest, but i had a experience sitting under a tree and having a picnic with my family. It was a calm and quiet place like the drawing. It was also in the afternoon