Wednesday, October 10, 2007

DAIO - Cindy Baik

Cindy Baik
Ms. Wieringa
Oct. 10. 2007


I am going to introduce a drawing called, Children Hunting Bird's Nests(1850) which is drawn by Jean-Francois Millet, French (1814-1875). This drawing was done with chalk, heightened with opaque water color on light blue paper. There are three distinctive grounds in this drawing: foreground, middleground, and background. In the foreground of the drawing, there is a tall tree. There is also some grass on the right side. For the middleground, there are some children who are hunting bird's nests. One of them is up in the tree holding the nest. He is trying to drop it to the three children who are trying to catch it at the bottom of tree. For the last, I think Millet drew the woods for the background of this drawing.

In Children Hunting Bird's Nests, Millet did a successful job because he pointed out the three different grounds by coloring differently. For example, he draw the tree in the foreground with very dark shading. Then he expressed the tree and children in the middleground with white color so he could emphasis it. Next, he draw a vague wood for the background and he colored some dark for showing that it is a deep wood. It also tells that the sun is on the right side, because the shading is on the left side.

The children in this drawing remind me of my childhood. It shows the freedom of childhood by drawing fearless children who are hunting the nests. The boy up in the tree must be very proud of himself because he is the one who went up to the tree and got the nests. The rest of them are eager to see it and touch it. They will probably bring that nest to their house and show their parents what they got. It reminds me so vividly about my childhood. My friends and I did similar things, such as catching bugs.

I think it is a very succesful work. Jean-Francoi, Millet did a great job by showing the shading and the intensity of coloring. By his perspective representation, it looks very real and makes me want to join them.

Jean-Francoi, Millet. Children Hunting Bird's Nests. 1850. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia. 10 Oct. 2007 <>


Seo-Yoon Kim said...

Could you find any difference of shadings in this art work? We learn some of them in the last week's home work.

cindy said...

The artist used blending for the background. He also used both of blending and hatching for the foreground.