Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Winter Garden" by Vincent Van Gogh

Dominique Hunter
Mrs. Wierenga
12 October 2007
“Winter Garden” by Vincent Van Gogh
“Winter Garden” was created by Vincent Van Gogh in 1884. In the foreground, there is the garden which is filled with dead trees and plants. In the middle ground, is a man with a black robe walking down the pathway. In the background there are more dead plants and trees on a barren field.
The very neutral and bland colors, and lack of any bright colors, used in this piece give the impression of death or winter. The lines in the piece make everything seem more fragile and prone to breaking. The lines and space between everything also give it a forbidding feeling, which makes you not want to enter into that world. Van Gogh also uses emphasis and contrast to call attention to the different details which make this drawing so venomous.
This drawing leaves rooms for many interpretations. Winter is a very depressing season and Van Gogh is showing that clearly here. He could also be illustrating an experience of death through the melancholic scene. Van Gogh could also be expressing his inner depression through the image of a desolate landscape filled with misery and loneliness. He very well might be portraying himself as the man in the black robe.
I really like this drawing because of its variety in ideas and context. Everything in this piece seems to come together and perfectly illustrates the most likely intended idea of hopeless feeling. The season of winter is full of death and sometimes even depression. This piece makes you feel the emotions of sadness and isolation just by looking at it and that’s why I like it so much.

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Daniel Baniel said...

wow great! do you think this was an impromptu drawing or do you think it was carefully planned out? why do you think what you think?

dominique ! said...

I think van Gogh planned this out some what carefully because there is a balance of lights and darks in certain places which give it a certain look