Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This drawing is a Conte crayon and gouache drawing by Georges-Pierre-Seurat, a French Artist, and is titled At the Concert Européen (Au Concert Européen). . In the foreground of the drawing there are four silhouettes of one man, and three women sitting down, the backs of the chairs, the white collars of the women’s shirts. The middle ground is the ladies hair, and a woman illuminated, singing. In the background you see the illuminated woman with a backdrop behind her.
In this drawing, Pierre-Seurat shows balance by the dark shades on the bottom of the drawing, and the lighter on the top. Pierre-Seurat uses pointillism, a technique using only dots to create illusions of forms.
This drawing shows a very eerie scene. The concert hall is dark, like one usually is, and the stage is lit up showing the soloist singing. It looks like a nice place to sit and relax and listen to the concert. The medium was crayon, and the drawing does not have much detail in it except for the background, but is still eye catching.
I like the drawing of Au Concert Européen because at first it seems just like a bunch of dark shapes, but when you continue to look at it you can make out the people. And the small details that Pierre-Seurat. The work is successful because Pierre-Seurat was using a different kind of technique that not a lot of drawers typically use. It is a work of art that is very interesting.

Georges-Pierre, Seurat. "The Collection." The MoMA. 1886. MoMA.Org. 9 Oct. 2007 .


SLW said...

Why do you think it's eerie? You don't really explain that...

Rachiecakes said...

what do you think this symoblizes? like why do you think the artist drew this picture?

cheryl lynn said...

i thought it was eerie because it was dark and the shapes don't have a definite form, and look kind of like ghosts. i think the artist drew this picture because maybe he went to an opera and wanted to portray what he saw. :)