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DAIO- Seo-Yoon Kim

Seo yoon Kim
Ms. Wieringa


I am going to introduce an art piece called The Storm (1922). The art piece drawn by Georgia O’Keeffe (1887~1986), was done with pastel on paper, mounted on illustration board. The art piece has three points of interest which are foreground, middleground, and background. I think the two white quarters of circular shapes with one yellow circle are the foreground because they looklike the most forward objects in the work of art. I think the dark blue part with a little bit of yellow color is the middle ground because it looks like it is in between the two white quarters of circular shapes and the black part with the cup shape. The cup shape seems to be brittle, on the center of it’s body because of the fractured lines. The last part, the background, is the black part with the cup shape that I am mentioning in the middleground. Using the color, black, at the background, Georgia O’Keeffe made the cup shape seems to be far away from viewer’s eyes.

In The Storm, Georgia O’Keeffe used bright colors such as white and yellow at the foreground. Then she made the other parts all dark colors to divide the positive and negative space. The two white quarters of circular shapes are not symmetrically harmonious. The important point, however, is not whether the shapes are symmetrical or not. By being unsymmetrical, they seem to vanish, and this is the result of the blending of pastels because the color on the edge of the two white quarters of circular shapes is a new color and has a soft feeling. If they were both symmetrical with no color mixing, the art piece would be sharp and even boring
Because the title is called The Storm, I believe that the story of this work of art related to the weather. Once upon a time, the world had only bright peaceful morning. Among the peaceful world, the leader called the Sun, controlled darkness. He was very strong so that nothing dared attempt to look over his absolute power. The rebellion, “The Strom,” however, occurred at the highest place of the world which was the sky. It brought a strong electrical force, a lightning bolt, to take over the world. The bright force under the Sun fought back, but the lightning bolt was too strong that even the absolute power could not cease it. Eventually, the Sun failed to protect his region and ran away with his brightness.

When I was researching the art pieces for my DAIO, The Storm came to my attention during the very first time of searching. The reason that I could choose it easily was the work of art has lots of ideas. The one factor that I like most about this work of art is showing darkness and brightness at the same time. Although this art piece is a pastel drawing, the detail at the center of the art piece impressed me. Moreover, I always thought that pastel drawing doesn’t have a detail, but now I can see the magic of art. I, therefore, think this work of art is successful.

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sieun said...

Wow! That abstract painting is very interesting . As you said, it looks very magical. You gave really good interpretation, and it helped me understand the artist and her artwork. Thank you for sharing!