Friday, October 5, 2007


Arrielle Dreher
Ms. W
5 October 2007
Artists are a part of history with their artwork and showing what was going on at that time. One famous arties that is famous of carpeting the history of America was Norman Rockwell. In this picture, called Protcting Sister aperture a part of life of a child. It was done with pencil in the 1950’s.

In this picture, Proctoring Sister, to the right is a young girl with a scared look on her face. She is wearing a white dress and sneaker and is holing on to her bother for safety as it seams. To the left of the little girl is a boy who is a little taller than her. Her is wearing a dark out fit and has on a pair of cowboy boots. His face is looking down and has on a stern look on his face. All the way to the left of the picture now is a dog that is white and has as few black spots and black ears. The dog’s tail is straight up and is staring right at the boy and girl that are to the right of the picture.

In Protecting Sister contains many elements of art. One of them is balance, the boy and girl to the right of the picture balances out the dog in the picture that is all the way to the left. Another elements of art that this picture has is texture, its in the boy and girls hair how it must feel like hair. The boys out fit has the look of how denim will feel. Finally the last elemet of art is value, where the darkness of the boys out fit and the girls dress to the boys cowboys boot has value.

In every picture has a story. In this picture is one about a little girl and her brother playing cowboys and Indians outside. Then a stray dog comes up to the girl and stares to bark. So then the brother hearing the barking comes over and steps in between the dog and his sister to Procter his sister from the dog. The girl holds on to her brother for dear life and for knowing that he will protect her.

I like this piece of artwork. It captures a part of a child life that we all had a moment like is. This artwork is successful because it has the elemetes of art and its different then many of pieces that you will see in an art gallery.

Work Citied
Rockwell, Normen. 1950. Normen Rockwell Musmen. 2007.

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Ashley said...

Ummm my favorite things about my drawing, to be honest, I don't really know. The drawing is very boring and plain, but I would have to say that my favorite thing about it would have to be the layout of the drawing. Everything goes together, I just wish it was a little more detailed and not so simple.