Friday, October 5, 2007

DAIO- Seo-Yoon Kim 2

Seo yoon Kim
Ms. Wieringa
Oct. 5.2007


I am going to introduce an art piece called Young Woman with a Water Pitcher (1662). The art piece drawn by Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675), was done with Oil on canvas. The art piece has three points of interest which are foreground, middleground, and background. I think the all objects that on the table, covered by red carpet, such as water pitcher and its saucer are the foreground of the work of art. I think the young woman is the middle ground because it looks like it is in between the table and the wall. The last part, the background, is the wall that I mentioned in the middle ground and a yellow tapestry, so detail that I thought this work of art is a photo.

In the Young Woman with a Water Picher, Johannes Vermeer used dark colors, navy and black, to front and back ground in order to show the light is coming from the window. Because of the light that is coming from the window, background had done with bright yellowish color. The details on the yellow tapestry and flower shape texture on the red table carpet are amazingly done. The shading on the young woman’s cloth is another important point to empathize the lines on the cloths. Using bright and dark colors at the same time, Johannes Vermeer made the drawing much vivid and contrast.

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch. I, therefore, believe that the young woman also a Dutch. When I saw Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, I realized what Johannes Vermeer would like to tell us about. The story is about a Dutch young woman who lives in nunnery. The young woman always depressed when she was looking at the window. Throughout this colorful window, she could felt another beauty of the world that she never felt before. She had been dreamed that she ran away from this horrible prison and flied like the bird that she always saw through the window. She, however, closed the window because she is holding a Water Pitcher. She knew that the beauty she felt was a temptation of the world. She looks sad and depressed, but she is smiling in the love of God.

Trying not to find the art work that is not drawing, I had to skip many art pieces that was came to my attention. Young Woman with a Water Picher was the one of the art piece that I had skipped because at the very first time of searching I strongly believed that this art piece is not a drawing. Because of the details and perfect textures, I thought this art piece is photography. Showing successfully positive and negative spaces by usage of bright and dark colors, Johannes Vermeer made one great art work.

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