Tuesday, October 2, 2007


A storm in the Rocky Mountains – Mt. Rosalie, is a beautiful portrayal of a storm in the Rocky Mountains. This paining is done by Albert Bierstadt in 1866. Bierstadt was one of the most famous, popular and highly paid landscape painters of the Rocky Mountains. The German artist was exploring the west with other explorers and they made camp, and called it Mt.-Rosalie, named after his future wife. The explorers were on rout from Fort Laramie across the Rockies to the Pacific. This painting is typical of one of Beirstadt’s compositions. The medium that was used was oil and canvas (7 by 12”). In the foreground, we see that looks like burned trees, and rocks and Indians hunting, it is darker in the foreground. In the middleground we see where the sun is shining through the clouds shining on the lake, on the right there is a towering mountain. The background, we see beautiful rolling clouds and a peak from a mountain in the Rocky Mountains, it is brighter in the background and the middleground.

The elements that are you can see in this painting by Albert Bierstadt are line, texture, space, and color. The colors that look like have been used are white, purple, blue, black, tan. Space is taken up beautifully with the big looming cliffs around the lake and the trees in the foreground, and the Indians hunting in the foreground.

In A storm in the Rocky Mountains – Mt. Rosalie, you can see the clouds are all different colors, grey, black, white, dark, light, you can tell that there is a storm coming, and there is still a little bit of light shining through the clouds.

I really like In A storm in the Rocky MountainsMt. Rosalie when I’m looking at this painting I feel like I am calm and peaceful. I think the story behind it is that they artist was on a trip and saw the mountains and painted them, he probably painted the storm because maybe he had a storm raging inside of him

The painting caught my eye because I like drawing mountains, and i thought it was gorgeous how Beirstadt contrasted everything. Looking at it I feel calm and peaceful This painting is very beautiful and makes me feel small. It shows the beautiful things that God did when creating the world, and all the little details that make a magnificent picture.

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samantha said...

I really like your interpretation of this piece--the way that it shows how the artist might have a storm in his life--it really caused me to look at the piece in a different way.