Tuesday, October 2, 2007

La Scapigliata

Hunter 1
Dominique Hunter
Mrs. Wierenga
3 October 2007

La Scapigliata

“La Scapigliata” is a drawing by the ever-famous Leonardo da Vinci. It was made in 1508, during the Renaissance period. In this work of art, da Vinci used brown and black oil paints to create a texturized yet simple look. In the foreground of this drawing, is the neck and shoulders of a young woman fades off the page. In the middle ground of this drawing is the face of the young woman. Lastly, the background of this drawing is just brown, faded oil paints.
Contrast is clearly seen here in the different shades of neutral colors (brown, black, white). Da Vinci also emphasizes on the young woman’s face by putting more detail into that than anything else. The use of lines are also used very well in this drawing. The lines add to the detail and emotion of the girl’s face.
Though the young woman’s face may seem solemn at first, she is not all together saddened. She seems to be in deep thought, perhaps thinking about her love. She may also be gazing into the eyes of her unseen child. The woman in the picture very much resembles Mother Mary in that aspect.
This drawing is a very beautiful piece of artwork, as many of da Vinci’s pieces are. Though this drawing is from the Renaissance age and depicts an “old fashion” view of a young woman, it can still be appreciated. I really liked the way in which da Vinci drew this young woman. It is such a simple picture, yet it holds so much emotion and so many possible meanings.

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