Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Art Daio

Ms. Wieringa
3 October 2007

Daio: Blue and Green Music

Blue and Green Music is one of many works of art created by Georgia O’Keeffe. This oil painting on canvas, created in 1919 currently resides in the Art Institute of Chicago. Although this painting is quite abstract, many things about it can be interpreted and described. In the foreground, there is brownish green swirls that almost resemble a caterpillar. In the middle ground, there are heavy dark lines. These lines can be predicted as large bars holding the luminous, mystical blue and green smoke that is in the background.
By examining this painting, it is discovered that O’Keeffe used many elements and principles of art to capture the viewer’s attention. Color is one example. The bright blues and greens seem to jump off the canvas and draw the viewer in. One the other hand, contrast and emphasis are used also. Contrast is evident by the bright colors that are surrounded by darker ones. Emphasis is used to draw the viewer’s eye from the dark forms and to the bright colors. Finally, movement is used. Movement allows the viewer’s eye to be instantly grabbed by the bright colors on the bottom of the page and then quickly
follow the “mist” the leads to the top of the canvas.
Since this painting is quite abstract, many ideas can be interpreted from it. The most obvious interpretation comes from the painting’s title, Blue and Green Music. The painting itself seems to follow the melodies and harmonies of a distinct song. Also this painting can be interpreted as may other things. For example, the northern lights many have been an inspiration of O’Keeffe, or perhaps a world that lies far beneath the water’s surface.
This painting, Blue and Green Music, is one of many of O’Keeffe’s glorious works of art that reside in museums around the globe. In my opinion, I really like how abstract the painting is because it allows me to interpret the meaning in my own personal way. Also I like the colors that O’Keeffe chose and how they seem to lead you eye across the page. I believe that this painting could be successful depending on the viewer’s taste in artwork. For example, if the viewer likes abstract works of art, I would highly recommend this painting, but if has a “fine” taste of richness and color, I would not recommend this piece.

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sieun said...

I love this artwork! It has so beautiful colors and interesting title! I am not a big fan of abstract paintings, but I like this one. Thank you for sharing! I did not know about this artist when I first saw her paintings at the museum, but now I got some information about her by your DAIO.