Wednesday, October 3, 2007

DAIO- Seulah Lee

<"Giant," the Giant of Loneliness>
This drawing is a burnished aquatint drawing by the Spanish artist, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, and is titled Giant. There is a land which is brushed horizontally in the foreground. The giant is sitting on somewhere and his body is huge enough to fit in the middle ground. Goya drew this man as a giant with drawing the moon much smaller than him so that he looks big enough. The background is dark but is gradated from the darkest sky to the light on the bottom.
In this drawing, Goya uses a balance well with using a giant and the ground as a perpendicular. The giant is sitting on the ground vertically and the land is horizontal. There is no exact pattern of lines; however, burnishing is a suitable style for this drawing. The giant's head points out the moon which is tiny and small above of the Giant. Spaces, where the giant is being excepted, are all dark and gloomy and gray. The giant is colored the black but with the gradation and the shade.
This drawing, therefore, represents the human conflict as a depression or loneliness. This might be also the reason why Goya drew this guy as a giant. There is no additional things around him and is simpbolic exptression showing how much he feels lonely.
I like this drawing because it is symbolic and is creative even though it is simple drawing. The back of giant in the middle makes me to feel Goya's idea. The giant who is depressive because of his loneliness that seperates him from the nornmal people. His physical difference makes him to feel a giant emptyness. Becuase of my own imagination about this drawing, the simple drawing of the giant becomes the unique story.
Worked by
Goya, Francisco. Giant. 1818. The Metropolitan Musement of Art, New York. 3 Oct. 2007

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Really good description of the picture. Very detailed description. Needs more interpretation. ^^*