Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weeping Woman
Pablo Picasso(1937)
D : This painting has a sharp surface and jagged lines. The handkerchidf woman uses looks like a broken glass. The woman's eyes are really black. and in the middle of an eye, there is a crack. This painting expresses human emotion very strongly by giveing a sharp look.
A: The art term used in this painting the line. Lines are well described. It gives strong impression on the painting. Another term thats is used in this is primary colors. Primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Picasso uses these colors alot in this painting. Also, secondary colors are used, which is orange, purple, and green. The shapes are sharp.
I : When picasso drew this painting, i think he saw a woman cring because she lost something. Picasso thought that it was really sad, and he tried to depict the expression on the woman. He used may types of techniques to depict the expression on the face of the woman.
o : I don't like this painting personally. Because the mourn looks on the woman's face is not pleasant to me. It's feels like i am in the pain,Very strinking. But this painting is a successful work of art. Because Pablo Picasso depicted the sadness of a woman very strongly that everybody can feel it. This painting is showing how much pain can be communicated by human face. Picasso expressed it very well.


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october 2nd, 2007

Jojo said...

I didn't notice how jagged the lines were until i read you DAIO, it made me realize how rough this piece of art work is and i agree with you that this does make you sad because of how well Picasso depicted her expression in a different and unique way.