Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Julie Park - "Monet's Painting"

Julie Park

Monet Painting

Monet is above all my favorite artist. His use of color allows landscape seem like a dream. Monet worked primarily in oil paint. I can see Monet used a lot of colors which was a light color, such as white, yellow. also I can see his brushstrokes, which very from thick to thin. he used variety of colors and texture to allow a clear view of the surface of the pond. I love texture of his painting and understand the process he used.

I love Monet's water lily garden. when I see this picture first, I feel peaceful and relax myself and I wonder how he painted this beautiful water pond. This picture reminds me that when I was young I used to have garden in my back yard. I used to go to the pond every weekend with my family. Every time when I look at this picture, I feel happy because reminds my family and my old house.

I love Monet's painting because I am impressed by the passion of Monet's art works. I love his blending of shades of colors, stillness of formless motion. I love the attitude of the artist to come through and make an impression of that attitude on my mind. I think Impressionists made the best impression.

I think Claude Monet is probably the best loved of all the impressionist painters, and he was the most influential. In his final years he was troubled by failing eyesight during, but he painted until the end. I wonder how the cateracts in his eyes effected the way he painted. He is the one whose works inspired me to take interest in painting.


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